Buying A Bed Or Mattress In Singapore

Looking for a new bed or mattress in Singapore? There are many places you can buy mattresses, but Heveya® Singapore stands out because all of our mattresses are naturally mould resistant, deliver good airflow and have removable and cleanable mattress covers. These features are a must for our warm and humid Singaporean climate. Our mattresses will provide you with comfort and well-being.Furthermore, there are plenty of ways you can customise your sleep system with us to ensure you sleep very well.
Did you know you can shop entirely online from us if you wish? Nevertheless, we do recommend customers to test out our mattresses and adjustable slatted bed bases first at our showroom to ensure you are happy with the way your new bed or mattress feels.
Latex: the best type of mattress for the climate in Singapore
Breathable mattress with open cell structure
At Heveya® Singapore, we specialize in latex mattresses. Why? They are extremely restful and comfortable compared to other mattresses and are,latex best suited to the climate here.
The warm and humid weather in Singapore can make it all too easy for mould or mildew to grow inside the mattress, even the cleanest of homes. Fortunately, our latex mattresses are naturally resistant to mould and mildew. This is because latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree, and this is a material which mould simply doesn't grow on. No chemicals are added for this to happen , so rest assured, you will not be exposed to harmful chemicals while sleeping on our latex mattresses.
Excellent air circulation is another feature unique to our mattresses. The open-cell structure of latex and pin holes created during the production of the latex mattress results in superb airflow which allows you to get a cooler and more comfortable night's sleep.
Moreover, our mattress covers can be easily unzipped, completely removed and dry-cleaned, allowing you to enjoy a healthier sleep.
The most comfortable type of mattress
Latex has been recommended by osteopaths, physical therapists, and chiropractors for its support for spinal alignment. A latex mattress is relaxing and comfortable, with the perfect combination of 'sinking in', proper body support and even pressure distribution. The spine naturally becomes properly aligned when you lie down on a latex mattress, leading to more comfortable bones and joints. This results in a deeper and more restful sleep.
Plenty of customization ability
Plenty customization choices
The best bedding system for you wouldn't’ necessarily work well for your neighbour. Therefore, when buying a mattress in Singapore, you should consider the customization options which your mattress shop offers.
Here at Heveya®, the level of springiness of your bed base is adjustable. You can choose between different levels of mattress firmness, single-layer or two-layer latex mattresses, and multi-zone back support or mono-zone back support. We even offer custom mattress sizes - ideal for expatriates with an overseas bed base size. 
You can also select the type of latex you want. We offer 100% natural latex, or a natural-synthetic blend, or organic latex mattresses. If you are looking at buying an eco-friendly mattress then you will certainly prefer our certified organic latex mattress. An increasing number of parents of young children are beginning to prefer mattresses of this category.
The best place for buying a mattress in Singapore
You'll enjoy buying from Heveya®. Here, we genuinely care about matching the right mattress for each customer. We enjoy seeing people's quality of sleep transformed by their new mattress. You can read what our customers have to say about our sleep system and how our mattresses have helped them to enjoy good night’s sleep, night after night. Since our latex mattresses are made with the Singaporean climate in mind, you can be assured that your health and hygiene will be preserved.
Not only will your health benefit from our mattresses but also your comfort and wellbeing.. You will love the feeling of indulgence and luxury that you'll get when you lie down on one of our latex mattresses. You will also love having your spine properly aligned as it will ensure best possible comfort level to sleep deeply and well, with plenty of energy during your day.
You'll enjoy selecting the different options for a customized sleep. We love to see customers enjoying the process of choosing their mattress. Again, we care deeply about your utmost comfort and health. Finally, we support the important work of our adopted charity The Red Pencil Singapore. Through this charity, children in need can be helped through traumatic situations via art therapy which allows these children to express themselves through art. There are many places where you can buy a mattress in Singapore, but none will make as much of a difference as Heveya®.

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