80% of people complain about back pain.
The likely culprit? Their mattress.

The solution: a tailored sleep system

The right sleep system for you is determined by a few factors - your height, weight, as well as preferred sleeping style. Just like how you are unique, so should be your bedding. Our Heveya® sleep system is entirely customisable - starting from our 100% natural organic latex mattresses and pillows, to our IGR certified ergonomic slatted bed bases. Sleep easy knowing that a solution to relieving back pain awaits!

Too firm

  • Distorts your back
  • Pressure concentrated on two areas: shoulders and pelvic area

Just right

  • Excellent body support
  • Natural spinal alignment
  • Optimal pressure distribution
  • Good blood circulation

Too soft

  • Sagging
  • No proper back support
  • Causes back pain

Step 1: The perfect mattress tailored for you

A premium range of 100% natural organic latex mattresses that excel in durability and elasticity to bring you excellent spinal alignment. Experience unsurpassed, long-lasting pressure relief all night long!






A multi-layer design featuring a 7-zone body support system to aid in the relief of concentrated back pain. Each zone conforms individually to the different parts of your body!


Luxurious Plush Topper

Cloud-like slumber is within close reach with this soft external topper! Made from 100% natural organic latex, this topper gives you all the comfort without neglecting breathability.


Comfort Layer

Your spine is not naturally flat like a plank. To achieve comfortable rest and proper spinal alignment, this inner latex core contours to the natural curves and arches of the body. This topper is traditionally softer than the core layer designed to comfort and cradle your body, reducing the surface pressure on your lower back.


7-zone Support Layer

The bulk of the support lies within this latex core. Featuring Heveya®'s signature zoning configuration, this latex core has 7-comfort zones which conform to different parts of the body for maximum body support and comfort; the shoulders rest softer on the shoulder zone while the middle zone is firmer to accommodate the weight of your lower back, which is naturally the heaviest part of your body.


Removable Cover

All Heveya® mattresses are enclosed with a bamboo cover with organic cotton padding. The cover can be unzipped and removed for cleaning, offering the most hygienic sleeping environment. This cover also allows you to have a look at the inside of our mattress and inspect our quality. We have nothing to hide, only use the highest quality materials, and welcome you to have a look inside!

Naturally Orthopaedic

Latex mattresses are an ideal choice for those experiencing back pain or joint pain. Many health professionals such as osteopaths, physical therapists and chiropractors recommend latex mattresses for pain relief.

Natural latex is exceptionally elastic and responsive, widely known for its orthopedic qualities. This translates to a mattress that not only cradles your body as you sleep, but also reduces surface pressure on your lower back by providing the perfect balance between firm support and comfortable cushioning.

This allows your weight to evenly distribute across the mattress allowing your spine to recuperate during the night, ultimately diminishing bodily aches and promoting back relief!

Personalised comfort

You need a mattress that is personalized to your specific weight and sleeping style, especially if you suffer from chronic back pain. Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm or too soft for you will only aggravate lower back pain symptoms such as muscle spasms and back stiffness. With 3 different firmness options, choose the mattress density that is right for you.

100-day trial period. Not satisfied with your mattress firmness?Exchange to a different density within 100 days, on us!

Sharing your bed with a partner? Never compromise on a good nights’ sleep! Heveya® offers dual densities within the same mattress to meet your partner’s needs as well.

Need help choosing the right mattress? Let our sleep consultants assist you in finding the perfect match!

The Heveya® adjustable slatted bed base further enhances back support and sleep quality. An ideal companion for your premium latex mattress.

Step 2: Pair with a supportive bed base

Flexible ergonomic slats designed for optimal spinal alignment from your head to toes. Accompanied with adjustable sliders that allow you to personalise the firmness and comfort you desire!


Ergonomic certified

An adjustable slatted bed base is considered a superior sleep option because of its ability to 'take the strain' off the mattress.

In comparison to traditional bed bases that come with a planked surface, our bed bases come with bowed-shape flexible slats that work in synergy with your mattress to achieve adequate depth by allowing it to follow the shape of your body more closely and giving it well-balanced elasticity and comfort.

This creates a cushioning effect that protects your spine, improves blood circulation and pressure distribution as you slumber!

Adjustable Firmness

Balance the pressure on your spine by supporting the natural curves of your body! The shoulder zone is designed with softer suspension and the lumbar zone comes with adjustable sliders for personalised back support.

In accordance to your personal comfort and preference, the firmness levels can be fine-tuned through the Bi-directional sliders which adjust the amount of flex in your lower-back area. Simply slide the small brackets to a desired spot for a firm, medium or soft feel!

Go Motorised! Our Ergonomic Motorised Slatted Bed Base allows customised positions of the head and foot area with a wireless remote control. It helps take the pressure off your spine by allowing you to sleep in a slightly inclined position, offering lower back pain relief.

Your sleep system is incomplete without the right pillow. Experience optimal back, head & neck support night after night!

Step 3: Compliment your sleep system with the right pillow

A premium range of pillows that ensure excellent spinal alignment by reducing compressibility and painful pressure points. Available in different firmness levels and shapes, you will surely find your match!


Excellent Spinal Alignment

In order to ensure a correct sleeping posture, your mattress and pillows should work together. Our pillows are designed with the same material and as our mattresses – GOLS certified 100% Natural Organic Latex.

Organic latex is an eco-conscious, highly durable material that offers the right balance between support and comfort. Naturally elastic and responsive, our pillows mold the shape of your head to provide just the right level of support for your neck, shoulders and hips – keeping your spine in alignment all night long.

A choice for every sleeper!

Our pillows are available in different heights and firmness levels to fit your personal needs.

The height and firmness of your pillow matters! A pillow that is too high or too low forces your neck to bend abnormally, which ultimately causes muscle strains for both your neck and shoulders. You need a pillow that fits your specific build and sleeping position.

Your sleeping position also equally matters. You need to consider the way you fall asleep at night, are you usually on your side, back or stomach? A pillow that works for a side sleeper may not necessarily be the right fit for a back sleeper.

Our testimonials have a voice of their own!

Samira, a natural therapist shares her Heveya® experience. Her search for a good night’s sleep led to the purchase of the entire Heveya® sleep system; mattress and pillows paired with the ergonomic slatted bed base. With this investment, she has been experiencing a radical shift towards quality sleep: waking up with diminished back aches and neck soreness altogether.

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