• Heveya® Bamboo & Teak Reed Diffuser
  • Heveya® Bamboo & Teak Reed Diffuser
  • Heveya® Bamboo & Teak Reed Diffuser
  • Heveya® Bamboo & Teak Reed Diffuser

Natural & Sustainable


Cruelty Free

Natural & Sustainable


Cruelty Free

Wellness Range Heveya® Bamboo & Teak Reed Diffuser

Heveya® Bamboo & Teak Reed Diffuser

Bring the outdoors in with our natural reed diffusers! Experience the scents of nature without leaving your room. Our eco-friendly and non-toxic fragrances are perfect for every home. A light and earthy aroma with a mixture of subtly sweet, fresh, and woody notes.
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Main Features

Insert the reeds into the bottle. Ensure reeds are fully submerged in the oil. After a few hours, flip the reeds to saturate dry ends with oil. Repeat the process every few days to refresh the fragrance. Replace reeds and oil as needed.

  • Pure Oil of Bamboo & Teak
  • Natural, Non-Toxic, and Sustainable
  • 200ml | 7 fl. oz

Natural Alcohol (Derived from Sugar Cane), Propylene Glycol, Pure Bamboo Oil, Pure Teak Oil

Fill your cherished spaces with subtle richness and warmth. Diffuse notes of wood and earth - becoming one with nature.

Bamboo Oil

Bamboo oil is extracted by steam distilling the leaves and stems of the bamboo plant. Clean, green, and refreshing. Our bamboo oil is reminiscent of walking through a peaceful, lush forest on a crisp, spring day. 100% pure and sustainably sourced, bamboo oil is known for boasting a variety of rich nutrients and powerful antioxidants. When inhaled, it sends one’s body into a relaxed state.

Teak Oil

With a history lasting centuries, natural practitioners have utilised the pure oil to treat headaches and relieve asthma. Complex, bold, and woody; pure teak oil is an aroma which balances between the masculine and feminine scent spectrum. Its pleasant tones of earth and warmth appeal to many. Having this sublime scent waft through your home will surely tuck you in for a good night’s sleep.

Common questions

How long does the Heveya® Reed Diffuser last?

With proper care, a 200ml bottle of the Heveya® Reed Diffuser can last up to 6 to 8 months.

Where should I not place the Heveya® Reed Diffuser?

Refrain from placing our reed diffuser near air conditioning units, as well as doors leading outside the home - this will result in the fragrance being lost. Heat sources may also cause our fragrance to diffuse at a fast rate.

Where should I place the Heveya® Reed Diffuser?

Placing our reed diffuser where there is constant foot traffic ensures the fragrance disperses throughout the room (thanks to air circulation).


Heveya® Bamboo & Teak Reed Diffuser
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