The Importance of a Good Bed Base for Your Mattress

A good bed base can make all the difference to your mattress. Pairing your new mattress with a good bed base ensures you will get the maximum benefits in terms of comfort and durability out of your mattress. Conversely, if you use a poor quality bed base then you will really limit the benefits that your mattress can give you.
Remember, the bed base is literally the foundation for your mattress. There is nothing else holding your mattress up, so if your bed base sags, so will your mattress. This is still true even if you have bought a brand new top quality mattress. 
Mattress + base = sleep system
If it has been awhile since you bought a mattress or a base, mattress-related technology may have changed somewhat since the last time you shopped.
Manufacturers and consumers are now realizing that a mattress and a base both affect each other. A good mattress on a good base will feel amazingly comfortable and will last longer. The same mattress on a poor quality base may neither feel as good to you nor last as long. 
The key here is that you cannot think of your mattress in isolation. Instead, it's best to think of your bed as a sleep system containing a mattress and a base.
Is your sleep system working for you?  If your bed sags or feels lumpy, or if you feel achy or tired in the morning, then odds are your current sleep system is not ideal for you. The issue may be just the mattress, just the base, or it may even be the combination: they simply don't work well together. This is why it's best to buy your mattress and base together from the same bedding shop. Most mattress stores sell products that they already know will work well together.
Don't fall into the trap of replacing your mattress regularly but sticking with your old bed base. In this scenario, you won't get the full comfort that you deserve - and which your new mattress could easily provide if it were paired with a better base. In fact, if you seem to be constantly on the search for the 'perfect' mattress and are unable to find a good one, consider whether the issue is really the mattress. It could very well be the base that is causing the problem.
How can I identify a good bed base?

You may be wondering how to recognize a good bed base. Firstly, a good bed base will be solidly constructed. A base needs to be able to physically hold the continuous weight of the mattress without bending, sagging, cracking or breaking. Some mattresses are heavier than others. If your bed base was constructed in an era where lighter mattresses were the norm, this base may simply not be strong enough for today's top quality latex mattresses
Secondly, the ideal bed base should not contain too many metal parts, for example, spring coils. There have been numerous studies showing that metal can act as an antenna, and you certainly don't want to sleep on a field of amplified electromagnetic radiation. A wooden slatted bed base fits the bill perfectly - it will not act as an antenna.
Another important feature of a good bed base is air circulation. This is especially important to help deter mould growth in the warmth and humidity of Singapore. Besides maintaining excellent hygiene, proper air circulation also lets you have a cooler and more comfortable night's sleep. A slatted bed base is optimal for the best air circulation you can get.
It will also help you if your bed base can add some extra springiness to your mattress, and if you can adjust the level of springiness. For this, an adjustable slatted base is best. The slats are made to curve upward, and this easily bears the weight of even the heaviest mattress without risk of sagging. An adjustable level of springiness on the slats will allow you to add extra fine-tuning to the overall comfort level of your bed. It also allows you to make reversible changes as needed, such as allowing you to select a springier softer feel for your bed when you are sick and return to a more rigid firmer feel when you are well again.
A good bed base for your mattress is paramount. Your bed base and mattress should be thought of as a sleep system, and not isolated components, working together to produce the overall comfort level you experience while resting. 
The right sleep system for you can make all the difference in the world to your well-being. 

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