Mattress Showrooms Should Feel Like Home

You sleep at home - not in a department store. Trying out a new mattress therefore ought to be done in a comfortable, home-like environment. Instead, many mattress showrooms offer rows of beds in a long line that look nothing like a home and full-length windows or open corridors where passers-by can see you lying on the bed, making you feel awkward? I'm sure you would not want that.
When you are trying out a mattress, it's important that you do so in a home-like environment to best judge how it feels. Most mattress showrooms in Singapore do not lend themselves well to this, since they tend to be located in shopping centres or highly populated department stores. Also, most many mattress showrooms are not always properly maintained or cleaned, as anyone can sit or lie down there at all times.
In contrast, at Heveya® Singapore, we have specifically designed our showroom to make you feel quite at home. This way, you can test out mattresses in a homely, comfortable environment.
The Heveya® showroom
Upon entering our sleep studio, you'll be greeted with relaxing music and nice fragrance. The different models of our mattresses are displayed within a home-like setting with bedside tables, indoor plants, lamps, and windows; just like your own home.
We understand the importance of choosing a new mattress at Heveya®. We want you to take your time trying them out. This is not something you can do in just 15 minutes. 
Also, you should be able to get in and out of the beds easily like you would in your own home. So we make sure there is enough space between the beds for you to do so. As you can see, our showroom is designed with you, the customer, in mind.
European Bedding homey showroom
Hours that fit around your work schedule
It is understood that you are working hard during the day. There sometimes aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done! That is why Heveya® offers you the ability to make an appointment to try out our mattresses at your convenience. We respect your time and your work. We know you wouldn’t want to have to take time off from work to try out a mattress. We fit to your schedule - not the other way around.
Our showroom is a relaxing and private environment. There are no wall-to-wall windows or common corridors for passers-by to look into. You wouldn’t be mingling with other people; all wanting to try the mattresses out. No need to feel uncomfortable here - we respect and value your privacy.
Take your time
There is no need to feel rushed at Heveya®. We encourage customers who want to take proper time and care over their decision to take their time trying out our various mattresses. Unlike busy department stores, we truly want you to be happy with your mattress!
Unlike busy department stores, we truly want you to be happy with your mattress, and we feel confident about the quality of our products. There is no need to feel rushed at Heveya®.
Convenient location, excellent customer service
Our showroom is located at Tiong Bahru. Do visit us as you stroll around the area. We enjoy making you feel at home; you may even request cold or hot drinks including coffee and tea. Our warm, courteous staffs are very knowledgeable about our products, and are more than happy to answer any queries you may have.
The Heveya® satisfaction guarantee
Our service doesn't stop at the showroom. We offer you a 100-days-trial of our mattresses. If you find that the mattress you purchased is too firm or too soft, we will change out the core to a different firmness level for you - free of charge.
As you can see, Heveya® delivers excellence in product quality and customer service. We are glad to help you find the perfect mattress for you. Mattress shopping should be an enjoyable and fun process, yet very few mattress shops value the customer's enjoyment. However, at Heveya® Singapore, we want you to be happy. Come visit us, lie down, and relax!

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