• Rest & Relax Bundle
  • Rest & Relax Bundle
  • Rest & Relax Bundle
  • Rest & Relax Bundle

Natural & Sustainable



Natural & Sustainable



Christmas Range Rest & Relax Bundle

Rest & Relax Bundle

$98 $168
Present a thoughtful gift that embodies luxury and functionality. Carefully crafted with premium, all-natural materials, it ensures a serene ambiance, setting the stage for a blissful bedtime routine.


- 1 Heveya® Bamboo & Teak Sleep Blend

- 1 Heveya® Linen Pillow Case in White

- 1 Heveya® Eye Mask in Sage

- 1 Heveya® Vegan Cotton Face Towel in White

Christmas Range

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Gift Luxury and Serenity with our Thoughtfully Crafted Bedtime Experience

Bamboo & Teak Sleep Blend

Made from 100% pure plant materials - we have combined some of the finest sleep essential oils that enlighten your senses. Calming with the gentle yet distinct palate of Bamboo & Teak notes. Our all-natural blend quietens the mind with its soothing properties. Drift off with ease and pleasure to slumberland every evening.

Linen Pillow Case

Hypoallergenic & moisture-absorbing pillow cases that get softer with each wash. Made from 100% ethically sourced and organically grown European flax, a durable choice for heavy-sweaters looking for something that will make it through the excessive washing!

Vegan Cotton Face Towel

Made in Portugal with care - these 100% plant-based towels are a luxuriously sustainable blend of functionality and style! The loose-textured honeycomb pocket design offers a three-dimensional texture that allows superior absorbency by providing more surface to the towel - making it incredibly breathable, lightweight and fast-drying!

Heveya® Bamboo Eyemask

This silky soft eyemask is made out of 100% bamboo lyocell, an excellent eco-friendly choice. It feels incredibly luxurious as you slumber the nights away. The bamboo fibre is extremely breathable and wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable.


$98 $168
Rest & Relax Bundle
$98 $168
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