Our Sponsored SHF Students

Helping dreams come true, one at a time!
A short glimpse in the lives of our sponsored students at SHF; all with a very bright future ahead of them.

2023 Sponsored: Meet Inestasia!

A devoted daughter, sister, and now a hospitality student at Sumba Hospitality Foundation. Inestasia’s heartwarming energy is felt by all the students and teachers around her - which makes a lovely new addition to the school! Her passion is realised through the opportunity to meet and interact with various students from different backgrounds across Indonesia.

She appreciates SHF for continuously emphasising the importance of studying well, and chasing one’s dreams. Her main goal is to make her parents proud, and become a shining role model for her younger sisters! Besides attending English, core modules, and life skills classes, Inestasia learns how to craft drinks, deliver exceptional customer service, and most importantly; how to serve with a warm and genuine smile every time!

2023 Sponsored: Meet Arie!

Hailing from the region of East Sumba, alongside his mother and siblings; Arie often admires the beautiful views (though hot temperatures) of tropical Sumba - the very island he’s proud to call home! By being granted the opportunity to study at Sumba Hospitality Foundation, Arie has unearthed his newfound passion in the Culinary Department, where he often expresses immense joy and talent in the school’s cooking classes.

He enjoys the structure provided on campus - starting the day bright and fresh at 5:30am! His favourite part of the schooling day is spent at the Study Hall; where he gets to mingle with his like-minded classmates-turned-friends. After graduating from SHF, he’s determined to land himself a position as a Michelin-starred chef!

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As a team, we would like to invite our readers to get to know our successful past and present sponsorships in Indonesia - and how your patronage at Heveya® lent a hand in brightening their future indefinitely!

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