• Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat
  • Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat
  • White
  • Natural
  • Silver
  • Stone
  • Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat
  • Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat
  • Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat
  • White
  • Natural
  • Silver
  • Stone
  • Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat


Durable & Long Lasting



Durable & Long Lasting


Bath Collection Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat

Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat

Made in Portugal with 100% vegan cotton, these flat-woven bath mats feature a honeycomb design that is incredibly absorbent, breathable and lightweight. Gentle on your feet with a soft texture that captures every last water droplet post shower! Pre-washed and pre-shrunk - a luxurious blend of functionality and style.
Bath Collection

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Additions to your bathroom essentials
Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat
Double the comfort with an additional Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat. Save $18 when you purchase two!
Main Features

Featuring a neutral palette to add a premium touch to your bathroom interior - all while being incredibly sustainable and practical! Equipped with a non-skid backing to prevent you from slipping after shower. Our bath mats come in different colors for all your bathroom needs!

  • Made in Portugal
  • Non-cruelty & Vegan Cotton
  • Anti-Slip & Quick-dry
  • Machine washable & Lint-free
  • Size: 50x80cm
  • Colour: White, Natural, Silver, Stone
Materials & Certifications

100% Vegan Cotton

  • V-Label GmbH-certified
  • Oeko-tex, standard 100, which ensures textiles products with no risk for your health.
  • ISO 14001: preserving natural resources and minimizing waste is a part of our day-to-day business.
  • ISO 9001: the highest global standard recognized. We check everything, from raw materials to manufacturing processes and client services

Made in Portugal, these sophisticated bathroom essentials are designed with the combination of premium quality & sustainability!

Non-cruelty & Vegan Cotton

During the production and manufacturing process of conventional bathroom accessories in the textile industry, the use of animal by-products is not uncommon. Our aim at Heveya® was to develop 100% plant-based bath essentials that would be the perfect addition to our sustainable-yet-luxurious product range - ultimately delivering both comfort and functionality!

V-label certified. This certification ensures that no components of animal origin are used in the production and manufacturing process of our vegan cotton towel range - from the actual collection of the cotton to the dyes used, all processes are free of any animal use.

Super-Absorbent & Breathable

Cotton is one of the best materials for bath mats in the market! Known for its moisture-wicking qualities and not to mention its breathability - cotton bath mats are easily one of the smartest picks for your bathroom.

The Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mats feature a flat-weave honeycomb design that gives them more surface area to air-dry by quickly absorbing moisture - allowing your bath mats to dry within just 1-2 hours post shower. They are also naturally breathable and do not retain odor, offering you the assurance that they remain fresh between uses!

Durable & Practical

If you have been on the hunt for luxury bath mats that are durable yet practical, it is recommended to look out for the weight before purchasing! When it comes to durability, the weight of the bath mat is usually a great indicator of its strength and absorbent properties.

The Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mats are 1600 GSM and feature a double-stitched hem that provides the cleanest edges and prevents fraying overtime! Cotton is known for its tensile strength that increases when wet - which means that they are meant to make it through repetitive washing. This makes cleaning & maintaining them super-convenient!

Common questions

Do the bath mats come with a hanging loop?

No, the bath mats do not come with a hanging loop. We wanted to keep a luxe and minimalist feel to the design; to keep your bath mat nice and crisp for next use, we recommend line drying it!

Are there towels available to match the bath mats?

Yes! Our Heveya® Vegan Cotton Towels pairs beautifully with our range of bath mats. With similar features such as effective absorbency and colors to match; you’re all set for a dreamy bathroom aesthetic.

How should I clean the Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat?

Please machine wash your Bath Mat at a maximum of 40 degrees celsius - no dry clean. Refrain from using bleach.

What is the purpose of a bath mat?

The purpose of a bath mat is primarily to dry the soles of your feet. It also increases safety from an accidental slip after a shower or bath, when wet feet come in contact with a slippery surface. A bath mat can also add a pleasant aesthetic touch to your bathroom!

What is the thickness of Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat?

The Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat is 6-7mm thick.

Does the Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat retain odour?

No, this is due to the fact that our Bath Mat is absent of a rubber back - which has a tendency to collect stagnant water that can develop into a musty odour and mold. The Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat is made out of a completely breathable cotton material which allows proper air circulation and drying - minimising any unwanted odours! We also recommend washing your bathmat regularly to ensure that you’re stepping onto a fresh and crisp mat at the end of your shower.


Heveya® Vegan Cotton Bath Mat
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