How To Make Your Bed Like A Hotel: An Easy 9 Step Guide

One of the most sought after and cherished parts of a holiday is that amazingly crisp, plush, and fluffy bed that greets us upon entering a hotel room. One can’t help to wonder how a top-notch hotel manages to make their bed design not only look effortlessly luxurious, but also feel just as luxurious to the touch and provide quality sleep as well.

The Heveya® sleep experts are here to let you in on an insider’s secret;

Achieving that stylish yet ultra comfortable bed can be made easy with our step-by-step bed layering guide. We will walk you through the basics - from choosing a quality mattress, all the way to chic finishing touches such as accent pillows and throws. In no time, you will be sleeping well in a sanctuary that is your very own five star rest and retreat!


Hotel-Style Bed Making Summary

1) Start with a quality mattress & topper

It is imperative to begin your dream bed design with a quality foundation - this would be with no other than a supportive and comfortable mattress. When you sleep on a mattress that is tailored to you, it protects spine health in the short and long-term - health truly is wealth! For that ultimate luxurious hotel-like quality, consider layering a plush topper over the mattress - this extra layer of cushioning will guarantee a good night's sleep.

  • Set up a quality-made, supportive and comfortable mattress onto the bed frame

  • Layer on a plush topper over the mattress

  • Ensure that mattress plus topper is aligned correctly

2) Secure the mattress protector over the foundation

Keep the quality mattress and topper in tip-top condition by securing a breathable mattress protector over the foundation. Rest assured, this essential bed design piece does not interfere with the feel of the mattress, and has the ability to put your mind at ease when any sort of spill happens on the mattress; it can easily be cleaned thereafter and secured back as good as new - all whilst protecting the longevity of the mattress.

  • Place the mattress protector over the mattress and topper

  • Secure each of the elastic edges to its respective corner

  • Ensure that the mattress protector is aligned correctly over the mattress

3) Fasten on the fitted sheet

Now, it is time to introduce some style and colour to your bed design - the bedsheets! It is recommended to source all bedsheet components from similar materials with a mix of colours - this ensures a cohesive look, feel, and material breathability. A fitted sheet comes with elastic corners, allowing for a nice & snug fit! A popular material is luxurious bamboo lyocell, which gives off a silky-soft sheen.

  • Place the fitted sheet over the mattress protector

  • Paying attention to the seams, secure each of the elastic edges to its respective corner

  • Ensure that the seams of the fitted sheet are aligned correctly over the mattress

4) Place the flat sheet

The flat sheet is the one thoughtful piece that helps you achieve that classy hotel aesthetic! This sheet is traditionally placed over the fitted sheet, and before the duvet sheet. Its purpose is to add a layer of extra warmth if needed and possibly even a splash of chic colour if one so chooses.

  • Place the flat sheet over the fitted sheet

  • Ensure that the flat sheet is of equal length at both the sides and foots of the bed

  • Smooth out any loose wrinkles of gathered fabric

5) Layer on the duvet cover

What we most look forward to most in an inviting five-star bedroom is the duvet cover. It welcomes us charmingly by being the main piece we lay our eyes on, and envelopes us in its cosy and soft embrace. A sleeping sanctuary is simply not complete without one - as it leads the way to better sleeping. For a clean and crisp look, invest in a duvet cover matching the size of your mattress. If you desire a drapey aesthetic for your bed, look for a duvet cover one size bigger than your mattress!

  • Place the duvet cover over the flat sheet

  • Ensure that the duvet cover is aligned to each corner of the bed

  • Prepare the opening of the duvet cover for the duvet insert

6) Dress the duvet insert into the cover

A duvet insert provides optimal warmth to the sleeper, and is inserted into the duvet cover. A quality duvet insert should be hypoallergenic and convenient to clean in a normal wash. No matter what climate one finds themselves in, a breathable duvet insert is a lasting piece in any beautiful bedroom. For a snug fit, remember to match the size of the duvet insert with the duvet cover!

  • Align the duvet insert over the duvet cover

  • Take each corner of the duvet insert and tie it to the inside of each respective corner of the duvet cover

  • Zip the bottom of the duvet cover closed, and fluff out the luxurious duvet over the bed

7) Add & dress the sleeping pillows

Your mattress may be able to healthily support your mid-section and below; however, when it comes to neck and head support - a supportive yet comfortable pillow tailored to your sleeping style will do just the trick. In order to create the essence of a hotel bed, four sleeping pillows will be needed to give off a posh and abundant look. To ensure the longevity of sleeping pillows, a good sleeping habit is to insert them into pillow protectors. Accompanied with your beloved matching pillowcases, beauty sleep is on its way.

  • Place each pillow into a pillow protector and zip up

  • Place each pillow into its desired pillowcase

  • Prop and layer the four pillows up against the headboard and fluff accordingly

    8) Style on decorative pillows

    Now, comes the creative freedom to express your style! Decorative pillows (or otherwise known as throw pillows), are simply pillows that enhance the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. Decorative pillows may consist of different sizes, textures, and even colours. How many pillows exactly is up to you - though an appealing clean look is best achieved with 2 large throw pillows placed behind the sleeping pillows, then topped off with 1-2 smaller throw pillows in front!

    • Arrange decorative pillows on bed in the style and sequence desired

    • Step back to gauge final look - adjust accordingly till satisfied

    • “Karate chop” each decorative pillow down its midline for a plush, lived-in aesthetic

    9) Finish off by layering on a throw blanket 

    To tie in the attractiveness of the overall bed design, a textured and finely crafted throw blanket can be layered near the foot of the bed. A throw may also add a pop of complementing colour to the bedroom. Various looks can be achieved according to the mood one aims to create; the throw may be styled neatly and horizontally across the width of the bed, or lightly ruffled and laid across a chosen corner.

    • Place throw blanket onto bed

    • Style throw blanket into desired fashion

    • Step back to gauge final look - adjust accordingly till satisfied

    Bonus Tips

    Photo by Daniel Herron on Unsplash

    Choose warm-toned lighting for all the bedroom’s bulb fixtures.

        Not only will this give the impression of a more softer and snuggly bed design, warm lighting is also more soothing to the eyes - letting you enjoy those moments of winding down before bedtime with ease.

        Photo by Polina Kuzovkova on Unsplash

        Increase the visual appeal of your sleep haven by using lamps instead of overhead lighting.

          Lamps are affordable, require no installation expertise, and can be adjusted for desired brightness; using lamps of various sizes placed in different areas of the bedroom helps to create a sense of dimension and space. Along with this, the ambience and cosiness of the atmosphere will be heightened compared to if one were to only use a single bright overhead light.

          Follow a colour scheme for a more cohesive, clean, and flowy look.

            Committing to a colour scheme and choosing bed design pieces that compliment each other and bring harmony to the whole bedroom is key in getting that five-star hotel look. We recommend incorporating clean and natural tones ranging from shades of whites to beiges. If a two-colour combination for bedroom walls look is desired, ensure the shades chosen will compliment the luxurious bedding.

            Clean your sheets on a regular basis.

              Nothing beats the feeling of fresh, crisp, and pleasantly scented sheets against the skin. Hotels often change guest’s bedding once every few days to remove any buildup of bacteria and bodily fluids - at the same time achieving that comforting clean aesthetic to touch. It’s not surprising that our own bedding at home is no different! A good sleep habit is to wash the bedding weekly for that clean five-star look and feel.


              Diffuse essential oils for a pleasing bedroom scent.

                Our noses could benefit from some tender love and care, too. Pleasant smells have the ability to boost positive emotions thanks to our biological olfactory system. Bedtime scents should come from a natural and plant-based source to ensure a good night’s sleep. A quality essential oil sleep blend can include ingredients such as Vetiver, Chamomile, and Lavender.


                Slip on a silky-soft eyemask to block out any unwanted light.

                  It is a shared dream of many to have a good night's rest every time. However, your surroundings may beg to differ occasionally. Disturbances may include living in a well-lit city, a partner staying up late next to you, or even daylight shining through curtains whilst you attempt to catch a nap. Whatever the cause is, the efforts to improve sleep quality can be aided with a light-blocking, silky-soft eyemask.

                  There you have it!

                  When a daily ritual of making a bed is followed, it not only instantly makes a bedroom look more refreshed - it also adds a sense of accomplishment to your morning routine, and ensures better quality sleep at night. The secret is to invest in simple yet quality bedding pieces that will last you for years to come - allowing you to sleep well and save in the long term.

                  We hope this 9 step-by-step bed layer guide helps you effortlessly transform your current bedding into a bed design that’s worthy of a luxurious and comfortable five-star hotel - so you can take a mini-vacation without ever leaving your home!

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