How To Choose The Right Mattress Firmness For You: A Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever wondered what exact factors make a mattress so comfortable to sleep on throughout the night? Does it depend on the thickness, the firmness, or the material that it is made out of?

Truth be told, each one of these factors plays a part in creating a mattress that has the potential to leave either a positive or negative impression. There is, however, one element that contributes the most to satisfaction levels - the mattress firmness.

Before making the final decision on which mattress to purchase for your own use; keep in mind the following points, tips, and things to look out for regarding how to choose mattress firmness.

What is mattress firmness?

Mattress firmness is essentially the degree to how soft or firm a mattress feels when one first lies upon it.

And guess what? No two sleepers feel mattress firmness levels the same way! This can be demonstrated with the help of a friend, partner, or family member. Have your companion follow along to test out various types of mattresses with you in a showroom; sooner rather than later, the two of you may have distinct views as to which mattress constitutes the best in terms of comfort + support.

These contrasting preferences are all thanks to our individual combinations of height, weight, and sleeping position; which affects how good a mattress feels to our own bodies - the “perfect” mattress truly is subjective.

How do I choose a mattress?

Body Weight

As a rule of thumb and referencing the mattress firmness scale, a sleeper under 55 kg should prioritise testing a “soft” firmness level first, a sleeper between 55 kg to 85 kg should prioritise trying out a “medium” firmness level, and a sleeper above 85 kg would have the most luck with a “firm” firmness level. View our in-depth analysis of calculating the density, hardness, resilience, and weight of a latex mattress, and how it correlates with our body weight here.

 Size Inches Metric
Less than 55 KG Soft Soft density sinks and conforms considerably in order to cradle and provide comfort for petite-weighted sleepers
55 KG to 85 KG Medium Medium mattresses sink less to provide an enjoyable balance of comfort + support for average-weighted sleepers
More than 85 KG Hard Firm mattresses have virtually no sinkage and minimal conforming which translates to exceptional support for heavier-weighted sleepers

Sleeping position

Various sleeping positions determine which mattress firmness is more suited to a particular sleeper, too. This is due to the way our body weight is distributed across the mattress as we sleep, and thus whether or not pressure points form.

If one is a back or stomach sleeper, their weight should be evenly distributed when lying down, and thus the option to choose a firmer mattress to their liking is open.

On the contrary, if one is a side sleeper - they would be best suited towards a less firmer density; this would allow their body to contour and cradle more naturally into the mattress while they’re sleeping on their side. Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm would cause your spine to fall out of alignment, leading to lower back pain!

 Size Inches Metric
Back Medium/Firm Prevents the mid-region of the body from sinking too deep into the mattress, limiting back pain and providing comfortable cushioning to the shoulders and hips
Side Medium/Soft Softer mattresses that utilise 7-zone support and allow for deeper pressure relief are often recommended for side sleepers - as too firm of a density may push the spine out of alignment
Stomach Firm Ensures stomach sleepers receive the cushioning they need without their stomach sinking in too much as with other densities - achieving proper spinal alignment


Consider the right mattress firmness with added 7-Zone Support

Heveya®’s signature latex mattresses are designed with perfectly-balanced 7-Zone technology for unsurpassed ergonomic support and comfort. Each zone conforms individually to the various regions of the body to facilitate pressure distribution, and in turn promotes good blood circulation. The shoulder zone is made to be softer with a gentle give as shoulders naturally protrude out more; similarly, Heveya® mattresses feature a slightly firmer middle zone to provide support for the densest part of the body - the lumbar region.

Altogether, these 7 specified and tailored zones interact with each other to form the ultimate ergonomic experience that guarantees perfect spinal alignment throughout the night, pure-lasting comfort, and a refreshed energy upon waking!


Common Concerns

What if I chose the wrong firmness level for my mattress?

Here at Heveya®, we understand that a mattress purchase is a large investment: financially, space-wise in your bedroom, and time-wise as it lasts for several years! This is why we not only emphasise the importance of taking your time when you mattress shop - we actively practise this value through the following benefits to lessen decision fatigue for our visitors:

100-day trial:

Clients of Heveya® benefit from a 100 days trial upon receiving their new latex mattress to relax and test out in the comfort of their own home. If the selected mattress firmness does not provide much-desired comfort - our experienced team will be at your disposal to exchange the layers with either a softer or firmer option, completely free of charge and hassle-free!

Cloud like comfort with an additional topper:


If you happen to have chosen a mattress that is too firm, another equally great option is simply adding on a Heveya® organic latex topper, designed to add cushioning and luxury to your existing mattress for a plush cloud-like feel. What’s more - it’s crafted with the same, natural organic goodness as our latex mattress range.

What if my sleeping partner requires a different firmness level than me?

There is a high probability that our sleeping partners are of different body demographics than us - thus, looking for a different mattress firmness to suit one's own individual needs is completely understandable.

Heveya® offers the solution of dual densities for selected mattress sizes!

1 mattress can feature 2 firmness levels to accommodate the personal needs of you and your partner - especially If you desire a soft mattress whilst your partner prefers a firmer mattress. One less thing you and your significant other have to compromise on!

The Bottom Line

With the knowledge from this guide, it’s imperative to keep in mind how your body feels on each firmness level in the showroom, and to make it a point to experience each density for several minutes at a time in order to get a true gauge of the support and comfort the mattress may provide for you as a sleeper. Though, it may seem like a complex equation to achieve a comfortable and supportive mattress; breath easy! This journey can be made enjoyable yet informative with the help of the Heveya® sleep experts to guide you through while you nap away in a welcoming and cosy showroom!

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