9 Tips To Get A Cool Night's Sleep

Are you tired of the relentless heat and stickiness on your skin due to humidity? If all you want to do at night is tumble into a cool comfortable bed, then you've come to the right place.
1. Keep shades partially closed during the daytime
When you're out at work, keep your bedroom curtains or blinds partially closed during the daytime. This will avoid the build-up of heat. Because of the high humidity in Singapore, you should not fully close the blinds as the constant dark may encourage mildew or mould growth. Instead, keep the curtains or blinds partially closed during the day - enough to block out most of the sun while still allowing sufficient light to discourage mould growth.
This way, your room will be cooler by the time evening arrives.
Use air conditioner, fan or air cooler to enjoy a cool night's sleep
2. Use a fan, air conditioning or air cooler
If you can afford to invest in an air conditioning unit, this is an ideal solution. If you will only be cooling your bedroom, the cost may not be as high as you think. However, it is very important to take care of the unit because standing water is produced by condensation in an air conditioner as a by-product of the cooling process. This can run the risk off attracting disease-carrying mosquitos, so regular removal of stagnant water and disinfection of units is necessary. Hence, the upkeep and maintenance of air conditioning units should be taken into account when deciding whether they need to be installed.
If air conditioning is not really an option for you, then use a fan to circulate the air. An air-cooler machine that uses an ice bucket can help a lot in decreasing the temperature.
3. Cool off before going to bed
Don't go to bed warm. Instead, cool off by having a shower first. Or use a spray mist device (similar to what you might use to water plants) with cold water and spray it on your body. Another alternative is an ice pack wrapped in a towel and placed it over your whole body, from top to bottom, just before you lie down to sleep.
4. Use light bedding
Be practical when selecting your sheets. Light cotton sheets are ideal for a cool night's sleep. Don't be tempted by thick luxurious looking sheets which may make you feel too warm.
5. Uncover your feet
If you use a sheet on top of you, uncover your feet. Your feet have a surprisingly large surface area, so keeping your feet cool can help your whole body and skin feel cool. Additionally, consider washing your feet in cold water just before bed - this can help get your feet off to a cool start at bedtime.
6. Rethink your nightwear
Sleep in loose, comfortable nightwear made from natural fibres. For example, an undershirt and shorts make good sleepwear that can help make you feel cooler. Cotton, linen or silk is ideal as these are natural fabrics. Avoid rayon or polyester as these synthetic fibres will only make you feel even warmer. One important exception to this rule is specialty synthetics which are designed specifically to wick away perspiration, such as CoolMax® which is a type of specialty synthetics designed to make you feel cooler. While it is common to find such moisture-wicking materials for sportswear, it is rare to find standard nightwear made of these materials. Hence, you may consider wearing a pair of shorts and an exercise singlet made of a specialty synthetic to bed.
7. Hydrate to feel cool, calm and collected
Drink plenty of cold water. A tall glass of iced water can go a long way to keeping your whole body cool. Make a practice of keeping well hydrated during the daytime - especially in the early evening. This will help you get a cooler night's sleep.
Use latex mattress with open cells and pinholes for a cool night sleep
8. Use a latex mattress
You may be surprised to know that your mattress has a big effect on how cool or warm you'll feel while sleeping. A latex mattress can get you get a cooler night's sleep because of its excellent air circulation. Latex mattresses are manufactured with pinholes throughout to ensure proper airflow and breathability. This results in a cooler sleep for you.
In contrast, memory foam mattresses are known for 'sleeping hot', where you feel warmer in bed than out of it. While this may be a good thing in cooler climates, a memory foam mattress may not be suitable for Singapore's warm climate.
The other good news about latex mattresses is that they are naturally mould resistant. This mould resistance is ideally suited to the high humidity in Singapore.
9. Use a cool pillow
Most people forget the role a pillow can play in maintaining a cool temperature while sleeping. There are several options. One option is a gel-filled pillow, which pulls heat away from your head. However, these are not made from natural products.
Instead, a latex pillow is ideal for keeping your head cool while sleeping. Latex is a highly breathable natural product which allows plenty of airflow. As a bonus, latex pillows are also known for keeping their plush shape properly due to the natural elastic properties of latex. In contrast, an ordinary new pillow will become flat over just a few months.
If you need a cool night's sleep, pay attention to your pillow! A soft, supportive latex pillow will deliver wonderful comfort in addition to coolness.
Enjoy sleeping cooler and calmer
When you use the tips given above, you'll sleep more comfortably amid our hot and humid climate. Remember, if you're feeling too warm at night then you'll toss and turn and simply won't get a good night's sleep.
And of course, when you focus on getting a cool night's sleep, you'll start the new day feeling refreshed and in a positive frame of mind. You'll feel happier, more focused, and other people are certain to enjoy being around you. Why not give yourself the advantage of a cool night's sleep?

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