What Are the Benefits of Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. You may be wondering what a latex mattress is and what it will offer you in terms of your sleep.
What is latex?
Latex is a natural material that comes from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) and possesses elasticity. It is this elasticity which allows the mattress to conform pleasantly to your body shape. Those who have slept on a latex mattress report that it feels wonderfully soft at first touch, but 'firms up' as your body settles deeper, giving the body full support. It is no surprise then that many people with musculoskeletal ailments such as back pain and scoliosis find relief with a latex mattress.
Latex mattress conforms to body shape
The benefits of a latex mattress
A latex mattress offers you many benefits and a high quality sleep experience, explaining its popularity.
The first of these benefits is its unique balance of soft comfort with proper support for your spine. A latex mattress is also naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and bacteria without the use of added chemicals, and this benefit appeals to many people.
Also, excellent air circulation is provided by the open-cell natural structure of latex and by pinhole patterns purposefully created during manufacturing. This allows for good breathability, resulting in a comfortable sleeping temperature. This is important in warm humid climates such as that of Singapore.
The superb body pressure distribution properties of latex mattresses are also frequently recommended by medical professionals such as chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths as a way to counteract backaches and muscle-aches. An additional benefit of a latex mattress is that it does not transmit movement easily, meaning that if you sleep with a partner, you won't feel their movements on your side of the bed.
Lastly, it is important to note that latex mattresses are one of the most highly durable mattress types available. If you are going to be purchasing a mattress, it makes financial sense to purchase one that will last you for a long time.
What type of latex mattress do I need?
There are many different types of latex mattress. However, in general, they can be differentiated and compared in the following ways:
  • Natural latex mattress vs synthetic-natural blended latex mattress
  • All-latex mattress vs mattress containing latex combined with other materials
And the 2 processes: Dunlop & Talalay processes.
While these questions could each require considerable further discussion, there are some generally accepted guidelines.
When it comes to all-natural latex vs a blend with synthetic latex, the all-natural is considered the better option if you strongly believed in buying products with its raw material derived from nature. However, a synthetic-natural blended latex mattress is not necessarily inferior to a natural latex mattress. To achieve the perfect combination, as well as consistency for both comfort and support, some leading manufacturers continue to produce synthetic-natural blended latex mattresses. Just like when shopping for a new natural latex mattress, make sure that the synthetic-natural blended latex mattress you are buying has also undergone various stringent tests and has achieved certifications of international standards - such as Oeko-Tex, Eurolatex, LGA and Morton Thiokol - to certify that the latex core excels in elasticity and durability, and does not contain any harmful substances.
Certificates and quality
Likewise, when comparing 100% latex vs latex containing other materials, the 100% latex is considered better. This is mainly because the 'other materials' typically consist of polyurethane foam as part of its mattress core, which tends to off-gas or emit an unpleasant chemical smell. Moreover, 100% latex mattress enjoys all the advantages as explained above.
The Dunlop and the Talalay processes refer to the two alternative ways that the latex is processed to create mattresses. In that instance, there is no 'superior' or 'inferior' option, but instead the two methods simply result in different mattress properties. The major difference you should be aware of when shopping is that the Dunlop process tends to produce a firmer mattress while the Talalay process creates a softer mattress. There is no right or wrong. Ultimately, it comes down to which mattress feels most comfortable for you.
Home trial
How can I be certain of finding the perfect latex mattress?
With the different types of latex mattress described above, you may be thinking that finding the perfect mattress sounds complicated. Fortunately, all you have to remember is that your comfort is the key. You can only do this by trying out the mattress yourself. Reputable mattress shops will allow you a free in-home trial of your mattress for up to 100 days, which helps ensure you find the perfect mattress. If the mattress does not suit you, you can change it out for a softer or firmer one, for example.
You spend more time on your mattress than on any other piece of furniture, so it's worth it for you to explore your options when mattress shopping. Don't feel rushed into making a purchase. Ask questions, a reputable mattress seller should be properly knowledgeable about the product he or she is selling.
Regardless of whether you are simply replacing an old mattress, looking to relieve back pain, or seeking to enhance your overall wellbeing, a latex mattress will leave you feeling refreshed and rested.

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