Why buy from us?

  1. No risk. Satisfaction guaranteed with 100 days trial*.
    To know whether a mattress suits you, you need to sleep on it. The risk of dissatisfaction runs high when purchasing a mattress online without trying it yourself. Don’t forget; you are going to spend 1/3 of the next ten years of your life on the mattress you have chosen. We eliminate that risk. Try sleeping for three months on your new mattress. In the unlikely event you are not satisfied; we will change the comfort level until it is perfect for you. Read more
  2. Superior comfort & optimal support. A complete sleeping system.
    Your sleeping comfort does not only depend on your mattress. The combination of our 7 zones latex mattress and ergonomic slatted bed base really makes a great difference to the comfort and support you will get for a good night’s sleep. We assist you in making the right choice, depending on your body type and personal preferences. Read more
  3. Healthy. Sleep in a hygienic environment night after night.
    Depending on the models, our unique removable and cleanable mattress cover can be washed at 95° Celsius or dry cleaned, which really set us apart from other mattress brands. The latex cores are also anti-allergy, dust mite- and mould-resistant. Read more
  4. Good deal & great value. We sell directly to you.
    At Heveya®, we believe in providing the best sleeping products at great value for our customers. We sell directly to customers without going through retailers or middleman and therefore, bringing over the cost savings to you. No extra royalties and license fees, so you get great value for your money. Read more
  5. Expert advice. Any question? Just contact us, the bedding specialist.
    We care about what is comfortable for you and would love to advise you which sleeping system suits you best. Whatever your question or suggestion, we are just a call away.
Complete sleeping system

*Check our website for terms & conditions.

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