A good and comfortable mattress should provide optimal pressure distribution for your entire body as you lie down to sleep. If the mattress is too firm or too soft, your body will experience uneven pressure distribution causing pressure points to build up on various parts of your body resulting in discomfort, numbness to your limbs as well as back pain. We spend an average of about 8 hours everyday sleeping on our bed, and if the mattress, which is not providing good back support, is not being replaced, you may result having to suffer from poor spinal alignment in the long run. 
There are many mattress manufacturers who claim their mattress offers "the best" support but very few dare to put their mattress components to the test. At European Bedding, our mattresses are designed to offer superior comfort & support, and offer optimal pressure distribution!
If you are currently suffering from back pain, why not visit our showroom, lie down on our specially designed EB 7-zone latex mattresses to test if they are really the best mattress for back pain.
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